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It may be shaping up to be a long season for those in nursing homes, as lockdown protocols at many places continue and winter weather continues. But a pair of students at Pictou Academy are doing their best to combat the winter blues for residents with some handmade Valentine’s Day cards.

As part of their Health and Human Services class, Autumn Rafuse and Hayley Nichol decided that since they couldn’t do a tour like they normally might do, they still wanted to reach out to seniors in local care facilities, and send a bit of comfort and love their way after a tough year.

“We figured people wouldn’t really think to do Valentine’s Day cards,” said Rafuse about the project. Each year people from all over the county send Christmas cards to seniors’ homes to help spread holiday cheer but the students thought that valentines might be appropriate for this year and help brighten someone’s day. Although the two students may have made all the cards themselves they had their class help so each card would be filled with love.

“We got our class to sign them and decorate the cards,” Nichol said about the project. The pair explained that usually for the project they would do a tour but with this not possible due to COVID-19, they were happy to alter the project and think out of the box.

“It makes us feel good to give back to the community,” Nichol added. “It was fun decorating.”

In total, Rafuse and Nichol made 91 cards that they spent last Thursday afternoon delivering to the Oddfellows and Shiretown nursing homes in Pictou, complete with heart decorated boxes for delivery.

“They loved them and thought it was such a nice gesture,” said Alison Smith, recreation director for the Oddfellows Home.

Autumn Rafuse, left, and Hayley Nichol, right, deliver handmade valentines day cards to Rhonda Mason, director of Care for the Oddfellows home in Pictou. (Brimicombe photo)