COVID-19 enables renovations to be done at Sherbrooke Village

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Every year, Sherbrooke Village is a popular destination for many local residents as well as tourists from all over the world.

And while Covid -19 resulted in a downturn in museum traffic at the museum in 2020, it also allowed for a few long overdue upgrades and improvements.

According to a press release, Sherbrooke Village Museum was allocated a million dollars towards restoration and upgrading of the site as part of the Province of Nova Scotia Economic Stimulus Package in response to COVID-19. This 50th anniversary project (1970-2020) is being completed on time and on budget and has fulfilled all project objectives.

The following is an overview of what has been or is very near to being completed: Exterior Painting, to seven buildings; full roof replacement to a dozen buildings; plus additional projects including: new washrooms in the Indigenous Arts Centre, Courthouse and Telephone Office; stairs and decks for the Tea Room, Performance Centre, Boat House, Church, and others. There were a number of buildings outfitted with heat pumps allowing them to become viable for year-round use and the start to the greening of operations.

“The work of our Sherbrooke staff in this project is exemplary. All the stimulus funds were spent in Nova Scotia, with the vast majority spent close to home. This project created jobs and extended seasons for work crews and created a major economic stimulus in our community at a time when it was dearly needed,” says Sherbrooke Village’s executive director Stephen Flemming.

Funding from the Canadian Heritage, COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund for Culture and Heritage and direction from Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal allowed an extra week of work for much of the Village staff and enabled them to purchase cabinets and window coverings to preserve displays and protect the provincial heritage collection against sun damage and fading. In addition, it covered the purchase of electronics to catalogue and record collection items.