Looking for family info, and places to see


To the Editor:

I am researching my friend Emma’s family tree. When she did a DNA test, she discovered that she has a lot of matches in Nova Scotia. Her mother was adopted.

Using that DNA and her matches, we have traced her grandfather. He was Edward Carson Morrison, b. 1922. His parents were George Morrison and Edith Heighton. Carson was a CANLOAN officer. We know that he met Kathleen Reynolds in 1944. She had been widowed in January 1944. Her husband was a rear gunner. He was shot down in Italy.

Emma’s mother died in 2016. Emma is a successful woman. She runs a bookshop, a coffee shop and a microbrewery. She has three grown sons who are all settled in good careers. Patrick plans to get married this year. He and his fiancé are planning a honeymoon in Canada. He’d like to visit the places his great-grandfather knew and, if possible, visit relatives. Emma’s second cousin, Susan Crowe, has been very kind and very helpful. Apparently she is quite famous in Canada. I don’t know about that but she is a lovely person.

So any recommendations for where Patrick and his wife, Alex, should visit? Can anybody help with places where the Morrisons went to school, walked, lived etc?

Thank you and stay safe.

I can be contacted at dawn1952@icloud.com.

Dawn McArdle

Auckland Park, Bishop Auckland,

County Durham, United Kingdom