Duo creates a “solid” show

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What happens when you combine Wayne’s World, Sesame Street, and some good, old-fashioned nostalgia? You get bombed solid!

The Bombed Solid, Pictou’s two-piece band, has been hosting their live show — Get Bombed Solid with the Bombed Solid — for the past six months. Mike Hiltz and Eli Hollett have been having fun, playing music, and trying new and old things over their time stuck in the house and have been filming it all for others to follow along.

The energetic bass and drums duo shared that they had been playing a lot of shows and were pretty busy before everything shut down last year due to COVID-19. The market for live gigs hasn’t exactly been demanding so they decided to run with a long-term project they had been brainstorming for a while.

“We wanted to create content for online, we had the idea before Covid,” said Hiltz. “We knew we wanted to go live and interact with people.”

As they were developing the show and setting up ‘The Bomb Shelter’ (their jam space) the friends came across a puppet and thought it would be cool to incorporate it into the show. From there, their friend and fellow member of The East River Rats, another band the pair play in, Brian MacKenzie, took on the role of puppetmaster and came up with their best puppet friend on the show, Nihilist Dave.

With a jam space set up beside a couch where the two sit during the show, and their puppet friend stopping in from behind the couch, the show has a relaxed and fun setup.

“It’s like Wayne’s World or Mr. Dressup,” said Hiltz. “It’s whimsical.”

Each episode begins with one of the band’s songs and then they dive into whatever they have cooked up that week: sometimes the subject literally being cooking, other times old video games, playing characters, or just about anything else they feel like they connect with that week. They also celebrate any holidays that fall on the Tuesday of the show each week.

The show is filmed live every week and Hiltz and Hollett shared that they have a pretty good group that tunes in regularly to watch, although all the episodes are archived on their YouTube channel if you can’t catch the live show or want to look back.

“This whole live streaming thing is new to us,” said Hollett. The pair began filming on their phone and eventually upgraded with the help of their friend Danny Harvie, who has helped with the filming of the show since. Each show is around 30 minutes in length, although some can be a bit shorter, and very rarely they have a longer episode.

So far the band is happy with how the show has turned out and even celebrated their 25th episode with a recap of their favourite moments so far. From here, they are hoping to grow the audience and just enjoy Tuesday evenings diving into whatever comes up. Hollett also mentioned that the show is another way for fans of the band to get to know them a little better and show other parts of their personalities.

“For me, it’s the social aspect of this,” said Hiltz. “We’re entertainers so we want to entertain.”

The show can be found on The Bombed Solid’s YouTube channel at https://bit.ly/3edJNVy on Tuesdays at 8 p.m.