Northern Pulp pleased to collaborate with NS Lands on Boat Harbour remediation

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ABERCROMBIE – Northern Pulp says it is looking forward to working with Nova Scotia Lands Inc. on the remediation of Boat Harbour.

A press released issued this afternoon provides a statement from Northern Pulp Nova Scotia regarding its agreement with Nova Scotia Lands Inc. for a single project plan to remove all sludge material from the Boat Harbour effluent treatment facility aeration stabilization basins:

“Northern Pulp Nova Scotia is pleased to collaborate with Nova Scotia Lands Inc. on the safe and environmentally sound remediation of Boat Harbour.

Over the past year, we have safely hibernated the aeration stabilization basin (ASB) and on Feb. 28, 2021, we submitted a draft decommissioning plan to Nova Scotia Lands. During follow-up discussions, it was determined that the most effective way to achieve our common goal of remediating Boat Harbour is to have a single unified approach, instead of two independent projects.

With Nova Scotia Lands now managing and overseeing the remediation of all of Boat Harbour, we expect the process to be more effective and efficient.

Our team will now turn its full attention to developing plans to transform our operations and address concerns identified by the Environmental Liaison Committee (ELC).  From our community engagement to forestry practices to addressing air and water emissions, the future of Northern Pulp will look vastly different.

We look forward to increased engagement and collaboration with stakeholders as we work to transform and modernize our operations.”