LGBTQ+ activist says Catholic church is discriminating


To the Editor:

Despite flowery language from Pope Francis during the past few years, in an attempt to lure LGBTQ+ members into their fold, the reality is quite different, but not really surprising as the Vatican decreed on Monday that same-sex marriages cannot be blessed because, “God does not bless sin.” The Roman Catholic Church has decided to continue its discrimination against LGBTQ+ Catholics and so the saga of division continues.

I suppose being an atheist gives me little, or no right, to criticize the Vatican and its teaching, but as an LGBTQ+ activist for equality I have not only the right, but the responsibility to comment on this issue, as it concerns all people who respect human rights, bar none. Any future comments by this Pontiff, or his successors, regarding LGBTQ+ citizens, cannot be taken seriously. The proof was reported on Monday by the Vatican. The matter was clarified, but we, as beings who fall in love with the person of choice, know that equal rights are human rights for all who inhabit this world. If the R.C. Church continues to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, as well as, true gender identity and expression, it is surely guilty of promoting division and failure to recognize love between two people. A shameless act of judging and a disrespect to the world’s LGBTQ+ population.

We hear the cries of those in need of love; commit your time and energy for positive change, then, and only then, the tears will disappear and all of society will realize that love conquers hate. Apparently, some churches have a huge problem embracing the fact that love is the main ingredient. I question the Roman Catholic Church’s sincerity in the following, a quote from their Christian Bible: “Love one another as I have loved you.” Is that not the main message? We may say with certainty that this is a falsehood, as proven by the church’s decree. Discrimination is the worst offence of our time. I sympathize with my LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters in the Roman Catholic Church. In order to publicly display your love in marriage, the church fails you.

Gerard Veldhoven

New Glasgow