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Second comedy show planned for River John

Comedian Karan Sidhu just can’t get enough of Pictou County — specifically River John.

The Brown Cowboy, as he is called, rode in to River John with a posse of fellow comedians on March 13 to host One Night Stand, a fundraiser for the former River John school.

Based on the success of that show — it was a sell-out — and the warm hospitality he received, he’s coming back with another show next month.

“I had planned another show for the area, but based on the feedback I got from the last show, it just legitimized the idea of continuing shows up there,” he said in a phone call from his home in Prospect.

“We had an incredible turnout and the feedback was absolutely incredible, with minimal mishaps,” he laughed. “It was all fun, nobody got hurt.”

So the shows will go on — with one small change.

“We upped the price from $10 to $15 per ticket,” Sidhu explains. “That was actually at the suggestion of a lot of people who gave us feedback via Facebook and text messages. These are all people who bought tickets or want tickets for the next show who suggested I up the price.”

Sidhu says he finds it gratifying that his audience has told him he was undercharging.

“The biggest payoff for me was the laughs and seeing everyone have a good time. But the fact that people want to come back and they want to pay more money is unreal. I’ve certainly found a second home in River John, that’s for sure.”

The comedian continues to be bowled over by the hospitality he receives when he comes to town.

“I get treated better in River John than I do in the town live in,” he chuckles. “I feel a lot more welcome in River John. It’s just a wonderful town.”

A third comedy show is in the works and he is also working on what he calls “a secret event – a very, very large event” if Covid restrictions allow in the summer. “It’s going to blow the roof off of any other show out there.” That is also planned for River John.

The lineup for the April 10 show includes headliner Matt Baker, a comedian who hails from Tatamagouche. Also appearing will be standup comedian Sarah MacLellan, host and producer of Intalksicated Podcast; Haligonian Chris Halef and Comedy Bootcamp finalist Martin Edwards. Comedian Jim Temple will return to the River John stage and as with his first show, Sidhu will host and perform.

For tickets contact Sidhu at 902-402-0226. Doors open at 6:45 p.m. for the 7:45 p.m. show.

Sidhu has been making people laugh with his comedy for the better part of a decade. He is the owner, founder, and CEO of his company, FIFCO which is short for his production company Fifteen Cornwall Productions.

He is also a filmmaker and has a television show coming out this spring on Bell Fibe TV 1 called Road Trip with the Brown Cowboy where he travels the province looking for “cool stuff to do.”

In a previous interview with The Advocate, Sidhu says he wants to make Nova Scotia a hot spot for comedy. “I want to make it so that comedians in Nova Scotia don’t feel like they have to go to Toronto or Vancouver. I want to start something here where Nova Scotia is the centre of comedy in this country.”