Northern Pulp’s actions speak louder than words


To the Editor:

Northern Pulp’s efforts to turn the company’s failure to move ahead with cleanup of sludge from the Boat Harbour effluent treatment basins into a good news story is pathetic. (Press release, March 23, PA, online)

Northern Pulp says they are pleased to work with NS Lands. I guess they would be, if the company can shift a cost of $19 million to the province, meaning to us, the taxpayers.

I notice that Northern Pulp did not say, “And of course we have agreed to fully reimburse the province which is stepping in to do the work we are responsible for.”

I notice they also did not say, “If we can’t figure out how to clean up our past pollution in a timely way, we understand why the community is skeptical about our promises to construct a new effluent treatment facility that will be the best in the world and do no harm.”

In spite of recommendations from Northern Pulp’s Environmental Liaison Committee that the company needs to rebuild community trust, especially with Pictou Landing First Nation, Northern Pulp does not seem to understand that trust has to be earned based on actions, not words.

Barb Harris

River John