Reader feels Lobster Carnival not worth the risk


To the Editor:

It is very troubling to read in last week’s Advocate that the Pictou Lobster Carnival may be held this year on July 9th to 11th. The committee has failed to take in to account that there are Pictou residents, including many seniors, that may not want a Carnival held during a pandemic.

Regardless of Public Health recommendations given to the committee, there is no guarantee that attendees will follow these 100 per cent. We know that visitors outside of our households, crowds, house parties, socializing and drinking can increase the risk of virus transmission.

Even if one case of COVID is transmitted at the Carnival it will create poor publicity for the event. Variants of Covid are now the majority of cases. Doctors have told us that variants transmit more easily, cause greater sickness and hospitalization, longer hospitalization and have a much poorer prognosis for survival, particularly for younger people.

There is no guarantee that everyone in Nova Scotia will have their first vaccination by the end of June. Once vaccinated, people can still catch and transmit the virus.

Think about it. Having a Lobster Carnival during a pandemic is a poor choice that ultimately can put residents of our town, attendees and front line workers in the service industry at risk. To what end?

I hope the Carnival committee will be pro-active in protecting this event and our community. Cancel the 2021 Lobster Carnival and wait until 2022. It is not worth the risk.

Lynn Plexman